Border CoLLIE X Poodle

The Bordoodle is a hybrid breed that is produced when crossing a Border Collie with a Poodle. The benefits associated with first generation Bordoodles, include a more diverse genetic makeup than purebreds reducing possibilities of disease and other genetic conditions that affect the parent breeds. Bordoodles are also hypoallergenic, that is, unlikely to cause allergy in humans. The breed Bordoodles were designed so that families who did not live on a property would have the opportunity to own a dog from the Border Collie line. This gorgeous dog combines the intelligent farm breed with a poodle to create a more family friendly pet. This breed are fantastic with children as well as other animals. The Bordoodle is an affectionate, loyal and intelligent companion, the perfect addition to any family. The Bordoodle is a reasonably active breed so do require regular exercise.

Size & Colouring

An immense variability can occur amongst puppies of the same breed and even the same litter, this is influenced by the genetic make-up of each pup with some pups appearing more Poodle-like and others more Collie. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the exact size a pup will grow to, but they will be a medium to large sized dog weighing approximately 18-30kg and reaching 35-55cm in height. Bordoodle colours also vary in each litter, we are expecting chocolate.

Maintenance & Other Needs

Bordoodles have a thick soft coat that can grow either curly, straight, or wavy depending on the genetic contributions of each puppy. Generally, the coat types are classified as fleece or wool, the fleece coat is a mix between the retriever and poodle coat, it is low to non-shedding whereas, the wool coat is tight and curly like the poodle and non-shedding. The amount of grooming required is dependent on the type of coat each individual pup has. All Bordoodles will require some grooming and clipping, especially those with a fluffy, woolly, non-shedding coat, as it will not fall out. Dogs with a more predominantly poodle type coat also need regular brushing to prevent knotting. Bordoodle ears, as with all floppy eared breeds, need cleaning regularly or they may become infected. Around the eyes, should also be cleaned daily to prevent buildup eye discharge and tear staining.

Bordoodles require regular exercise and moderate to large sized yard as well as regular walks/runs. As Bordoodles are very intelligent dogs it is important to incorporate puppy preschool into your training routine, not only is it good for obedience but the pup’s ability to socialize will be strengthened.

Bordoodles thrive on human companionship, your puppy will want to spend every waking minute by your side, whether it’s watching you cook dinner or a trip to the park. The Bordoodle is a fun-loving family pet that is excellent with children and other pets.

Our Bordoodle Parents

Kit kat and frankie

Kit Kat

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Kit Kat says:

“I just love everybody! I’m quite active, always running, playing and exploring. I really love being brushed, you can do that all day long. I’m pretty chilled, nothing much phases me. My favourite time of day is dawn when I jump on the bed and have my morning cuddles with my hoomans, it’s the best!”

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Colour:Chocolate & White

Frankie says:

“I am the most gentle dog, so friendly I will give anyone a big cuddle! I am super smart and mum has taught me loads of tricks!”

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