Foster Program

The Kruizen Kennels Foster Program

Kruizen Kennels has begun a foster program for many of our breeding girls, this allows our dogs the opportunity to live one on one in a family environment and receive the love and care from a forever family of their very own. Our foster program is the same as a guardian program and we provide around the clock support to all of our foster families. Our foster families are spread across NSW and do not have to be located in Orange but do need to visit when scheduled to have a litter. Our foster dogs are beautiful, kind natured girls who would make a big difference in any of their new families lives and we try to match each family with the right dog, we will not place a dog in a home it is not suited to because we have their best interests at heart. We go above and beyond for all of our dogs to give them the best possible life and we feel that our girls would have the best possible life in a loving and caring family where they can receive one on one attention.

Foster girls are required to return to Kruizen Kennels to breed and then again to whelp (give birth). The average length of stay for whelping is approximately 9 weeks in total, 2 to 3 weeks prior to whelping and 6 to 7 weeks after pups are born (or until her puppies are weaned and we’re sure her milk has dried up). Foster families are welcome to visit mum and bubs and spend time with them while they are with their babies (except in their first 3 weeks as they have a very low immune system at this time). Our girls are required to return up to twice a year for breeding dependent on heat cycles and whether the dog is scheduled for a break or not. A girls breaks are planned based on advise from our veterinarian. We also provide the option that foster families leave their foster dog with us when they are away or on holidays so that they do not need to stay in boarding kennels.

What are the costs involved in being a Foster Family?

Our foster dogs and puppies, are offered free of charge to approved foster families from 8 weeks of age.

Your foster dogs and puppies will also be microchipped and vaccinated at absolutely no cost to you. Kruizen Kennels require all foster families that take on a puppy, attend puppy preschool at no charge. We also provide our foster families with dry dog food for the duration of the time the dog is in the foster program.

Here at Kruizen Kennels we have very high standards for our breeding dogs and only breed from fully health-tested dogs. This means your foster dog/puppy will be fully DNA tested for free before we proceed with any breeding.

At the end of your foster dog’s breeding life, Kruizen Kennels will also desex your dog for you totally free of charge at our local veterinary clinic.

Your financial commitment to your foster dog includes the usual day-to-day and veterinary expenses related to any dog (excluding any breeding-specific veterinary procedures), such as further training, grooming, bedding, toys and any other veterinary expenses.

Requirements of Foster Families

  • Secure fencing
  • Agree to feed premium quality food of breeder’s choice (supplied by Kruizen Kennels)
  • No entire (male) dog to be living in care home
  • Puppy to attend professional training
  • Maintain puppy care and coat (grooming)
  • Supply regular vet care when required
  • Take foster dog to Kruizen Kennels selected veterinarian for vaccinations (paid for by Kruizen Kennels)
  • Keep in regular contact with Kruizen Kennels and provide any updated on heat cycles
  • Return foster dog to Kruizen Kennels when required for joining and whelping or other pre-notified visits

How can I become a Kruizen Kennels Foster Family ?

If you’re interested in becoming a Kruizen Kennels Foster Family, please contact us using the form below and we will forward information about our application process if you meet the criteria.

Once approved, a foster contract will then be signed that lasts for the duration of the time the dog is in the foster program. We provide foster families with all the information needed and around the clock support to answer any questions that may arise.

Once a suitable dog or puppy becomes available we’ll let you know and you will be able to come and meet them before taking them home to become part of your family.

For further information on our foster program or to apply please fill in the below form.

Apply to become a Foster Family

Available Foster Puppies

Standard Labradoodle F1B

Parents DNA Tested


Size:Standard (20-35kg)




Ready to go:16.05.2020



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Parents DNA Tested





Poppy says:

“I am super pumped to play all the time! I have so much energy I could play all day long! I am a happy and fun-loving dog that loves children and cuddles.”

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Parents DNA Tested



Colour:Black & Tan


Macey says:

“I think my favourite thing in the world would have to be cuddles! I absolutely love a snuggle and if you try to ignore me I will force my way onto your lap…I am a fantastic mummy though, a real natural.”

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Feedback from our Foster Families

‘Loony Luna’ is Sophie’s sister, she was fostered by one of the Kruizen Kennels families who also adopted a Spoodle puppy 12 months previously. Luna spends most of her time frolicking in the yard with her fur sister Sniffles and human brother Atticus.

“We first became a Kruizen Kennels family when we welcomed ‘Sniffles’ our toy Spoodle into the family. Sniffles is such a loving and affectionate family dog who loves nothing more than a good snuggle that when the opportunity arose to become a foster family for ‘Luna’, it was one we jumped at. If we could grow our fur family, give Luna a loving family home then we knew others would get the joy of one of Luna’s puppies then we wanted to help.

Luna is a spectacularly beautiful dog, both in her golden locks and her temperament. She’s been highly trainable, and a wonderful companion for Sniffles and our son. The three can regularly be found coming up with all sorts of adventures. The caring nature between our beautiful fur girls is so evident that its clear Luna is going to make a beautiful mum. She’s extraordinarily playful, yet equally happy curled up at my feet in the home office. The foster program is a wonderful way to grow your fur family, and the team at Kruizen Kennels are always wonderful to work with. I’d highly recommend the program if you already have a pup, and understand the commitment a new puppy brings. We are looking forward to the joy of seeing Luna’s little puppies make families happy over the coming years.”

“About 6 months before we began fostering Honey, a gorgeous lop-eared bunny called Whisky joined our family. He’s a house-rabbit, meaning he free-ranges in our home rather than being kept in a hutch outside. We love him to bits and when we thought of adding a dog to our family, we wanted to find one that would live harmoniously with Whisky. So many people found that amusing!

We decided we’d look for an adult labradoodle or groodle – as we knew from experience that they were sweet-natured dogs and good with kids – and crossed our fingers that, with time, the bunny would get used to the dog and the dog to the bunny.

Our hopes were met and exceeded when Honey came into our lives. Honey was the picture of patience, never growling, barking, chasing or playing roughly, and in three short weeks Whisky adapted to our new family member. They are now the best of friends, snoozing together on the rug, or Honey lying quietly while Whisky grooms her!

We adore Honey – her gentle cuddles and presence in our home, her playful nature when we toss a ball or take her for walks, and we can’t imagine our family without our her.”

“Wow, where do I start……. I first came across Kruizen Kennels when I was feeling like something was missing in our house (my eldest child is getting ready to fly the coop) so the search for a puppy to fill this mid life crisis void began. I was lucky enough to come across an amazing website filled with so many beautiful fur-babies and one more click on the foster program page and I knew this was exactly what was missing! I just knew it was meant to be and filled in the paperwork and very impatiently waited for a call back (overnight waiting is horrible lol) The next morning I threw waiting out the window and decided to call Stephanie. This story just keeps getting better and better ……. We were a perfect fit for taking in some mum’s needing some family time.

From that first phone call things have just been perfect, Stephanie and Duane are just amazing to deal with in every way. So far we have had the pleasure of having Poppy, Minnie, Ebony, Macey and Rosie spend time with us. These beautiful girls are just amazing to have in our life and have all fitted in perfectly. Since meeting the Kruizen team I’m just amazed at how much no question is too silly to ask and the help and support is just wonderful. I would recommend anyone thinking about adopting to come and join the Kruizen family and experience this wonderful journey. We look forward to a long and adventurous journey being part of the Kruizen family xx”

“We are a foster family to Sophie, a 5 month old Cocker Spaniel. She has the sweetest and happiest temperament and is matched perfectly to our family. We highly recommended fostering through Kruizen Kennels. Fostering Sophie is such a rewarding experience for the whole family. She has brought so much love and fun to our home.  The support is 100% and any concerns or questions are dealt with immediately. All their dogs well being comes first and this is evident. They even provide the food! There are so many positives to fostering. And after she has had her litter quota, she’s ours to keep at no charge.”

Scarlett is one of Ruby and Winston’s gorgeous little Toy Poodle puppies who we have decided to keep in the breeding program. To ensure that Scarlett is given the love and attention she deserves from the start she has been living with her foster family since 8 weeks of age. Her family fostered her from 3 weeks of age and visited her quite regularly while she was still with her mum and siblings. Scarlett is thriving in her new family and we receive regular updates as well as the occasional visit as she is living locally in Orange, NSW.

“We are a proud foster family to Scarlett the Toy Poodle, Scareltt is our first foster pup and we have found the foster program through Kruizen Kennels to be not only a simple process but also a rewarding process. Scarlett lives as part of the family including 2 older puppy brothers (both desexed). Scarlett has run of the house and 2 acres of outside to explore. From the beginning both Steph and Duane have been fantastic in supporting us with information and answering questions involving the foster program. Kruizen Kennels take the welfare and well being of their dogs/pups very seriously and assist when needed to ensure all vet appointments are attended as required. We have been lucky enough to participate in Kruizen Kennel celebrations and as such get an opportunity for our fur babies to socialise while meeting other foster parents. I would highly recommend anyone considering fostering take some time to meet with Duane and Steph and meet the canine family you will not be disappointed.”

This is Millie, she is one of our foster girls, she is now 3 years old and has been living with her new foster family for 2 months. Millie was fostered as a therapy dog for her human brother. Millie’s family absolutely adore her and she is already working wonders with their son.

“We found Kruizen Kennels when we adopted our Cavoodle Jensen 18 months ago.
Our children were getting older and we felt it was time to introduce a dog into the family. Our eldest son, Tyson was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and our daughter, Ariana was terrified of dogs due to a traumatic experience with a large dog when she was a toddler. We had done extensive research and had spoken to many dog owners and the personality and temperament of a Cavoodle was the best suited dog for our family dynamic.

I had come across Kruizen Kennels through an ad and was very impressed by the breeder Duane. He was very generous with his time as we discussed our family dynamics and my concerns. He had one boy pup left and everything he said about Jensen was spot on. Really cruisy, great temperament, very loving and happy. Jensen came home with us at 10 weeks. We are 4 hours away from Orange and there was not 1 single accident for the duration of the trip home. Toilet training went very well as well as puppy school. Jensen socialized easily and is now very well known within our community.

After a year with Jensen, and gaining more employment out of the home, we felt we needed to get Jensen a friend. With Steph arriving on the scene and her setting up a Facebook Support group for the Kruizen Kennel family, it was natural for us to return and adopt another KK pup. That’s when we got introduced to the Foster Program. Steph was also very generous with her time and her priority was to match the right foster girl with our family.

We had a few Miniature Schnauzers lined up and when we came to visit Kruizen Kennels, Millie (also known as Millie Moo Moo) made a beeline for our son. They had an instant connection, Millie had an amazing calmness that in turn kept our son, Tyson calm. Millie at the time was pregnant. This did make us nervous as we weren’t expecting to take an expectant mum home! But after spending some time at KK it was obvious that Millie was meant to be a part of our family.

Millie had settled in really well with the family and her and Jensen are thick as thieves. Sharing their beds and spooning each other! Millie has definitely become a valued member of our family. She has ended up being a therapy dog for both our children. She’s ever so patient with our son, always happy to nurture him and listen to his woes. She’s also quite partial to playing dress ups and tea parties with our daughter, Ariana. And as for us, she just loves her humans.

The best thing about the Foster Program is that you can trial the Foster girls in your home. If by chance that they’re not suited to your family, Kruizen Kennels will rehome them to another suitable family and therefore it’s a win win situation for both parties. We have found that we have been very well supported with Steph checking in regularly and us asking lots of questions!

The Foster Program is a great initiative for anyone who is unsure of owning a dog or anyone wanting to add another dog to their family. All dry food is provided and the cost of vaccinations and desexing (when the girls retire) are all paid for by Kruizen Kennels.”

Tommy is the owner and manager of Montrose House in Canowindra and has taken on three of our gorgeous girls; Sadie (Groodle), Dolly (Golden Retriever) and Brandy (Labrador). Tommy has an amazing set-up where he has allowed the girls to both roam the yard and relax in their very own living room. The girls are pampered by their very own beautician and are walked twice a day. Many of Tommy’s guests spend much of their time with the girls both around the house and walking them through the town.

“Good Morning, my name is Tommy Jeffs and i own Montrose House, a very famous B&B in Canowindra NSW, I have always been a animal person having had dogs and cats for years, but dogs I absolutley love, they love you un-reservedly. I have a great, friend Gabriella Rhodes who has a gorgeous Groodle which I always have admired, last year at a friends party we got to chatting and she mentioned the Kruizen Kennel Foster Program and talked about how easy and fun it was and mentioned her friend Stephanie and she suggested she contact me. I thought it was a good idea as I work from home and I would be there all the time which is what dogs love, someone being around all the time. Stephanie contacted me a week later and we set up a meeting for a couple of dogs and I went over to Orange to see and get a feel for whether it would suit me or not. I met a gorgeous Groodle called Sadie and decided to take her home with me and she how she went, Sadie was very quite and lonely so Steph suggested a good friend of Sadies, called Jesse, a Cocker Spaniel, who joined us and wow, the difference as Sadie came out of her shell and loved being here. I have had several of the dogs from Kruizen Kennels, all with happy dispositions and very good with people, I have three at the moment; Sadie, a retriever called Dolly who is so gentle, but a pig with food, will eat anything and Brandy, a Golden Labrador who is beautiful, strong and friendly (she runs the show), these three are happy, well fed and play all day, a sight I love to see! Its been a positive influence and a great thing for me and turned me into a dog person forever, dealing with the wonderful Stephanie and the very handsome Duane, has been a pleasure, nothing is  a worry and they are always just a phone call away, if you are concerned about anything at all. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who loves dogs and feels it would benefit them as it is a grand experience,

Cheers Tommy Jeffs,

Montrose House Canowindra.

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