Maltese Terrier X Toy Poodle

Kruizen Kennels breed first generation Moodle puppies, otherwise known as a Maltipoo. The Moodle is a hybrid breed that is produced when crossing a Maltese Terrier with a Toy Poodle. Hybrid dogs, such as Moodles, benefit from a more diverse genetic makeup than purebreds and are often not vulnerable to conditions that affect the parent breeds. Another benefit of this hybrid breed is that Moodles, as with all ‘oodle’ breeds, are hypoallergenic, unlikely to cause allergy in humans. Moodles are a small breed that would suit most families. Moodles have fun-loving and playful temperaments fantastic with children. As Moodles are such a small breed, they are one of the few breeds that are suited to living in a small home or apartment with regular exercise.

Size & Colouring

Pups of the same breed vary even amongst the same litter, each pups appearance is influenced by the genetic contribution of each parent with some pups appearing more Poodle-like and others more Maltese. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the exact size a pup will grow to, but they will be a small sized dog weighing approximately 4-9kg and reaching 20-30cm in height. Moodle colours also vary in each litter, with the possibility of anything from solid black, white, ruby, cream, chocolate and apricot.

Maintenance & Other Needs

Moodles have a thick soft coat that can grow either curly, wavy or straight depending on the genetics inherited by each pup. They are a non-shedding breed that require low amounts of exercise and will be content in a smaller sized yard. The amount of grooming required is dependent on the type of coat each individual pup has. All coats will require some grooming and clipping, especially the non-shedding variety as it will not fall out. Dogs with a more predominantly poodle type coat also need regular brushing to prevent knotting. Moodle ears, as with all floppy eared breeds, need cleaning regularly or they may become infected. Eyes should also be cleaned daily to prevent buildup eye discharge and tear staining.

Moodles love human companionship and will be excited to spend as much time with their new families as possible. Kruizen Kennels Moodle puppies would be happy to run around the yard with children or have a lazy day inside watching movies with the family.

Our Moodle Parents

Winston (Sire)

Breed: Toy Poodle

Age: 3

Size: 3.5kg

Colour: Red

“Dad says I am mischief on a stick…I will sit on your lap for a cuddle until I figure out what I can get into next.  But I know they can’t stay mad at me when I give them the puppy eyes in the most adorable way possible. I like to run around and play games, I have way too much energy for such a tiny puppy.  I also like a pat and cuddle to break play time up but I don’t sit still for long.”

Missy (Dam) – Retired

Breed: Maltese Terrier

Age: 4

Size: 6.7kg

Colour: White

“I am calm and collected to the naked eye, but give me something to climb and I will succeed when your back is turned. I am very active and outgoing, not exactly lady-like, more of a tomboy.  I am the perfect family pet, as I will play with children  – only sleeping when they do.”