Stud Service

Kruizen Kennels offer stud service to other breeders with suitable bitches on heat. 

We use TCI through a veterinary reproductive specialist (VRC) where semen is to be inserted into the uterus of the bitch. This is a non-invasive, ethical and quick technique often used without sedation. The bitch is required to undergo progesterone testing to identify the best time for insemination and accurate whelping dates are calculated and provided by the wonderful veterinary team at VRC.  

Kruizen Kennels have 3 sires available of a range of breeds available for servicing, all with DNA profiles.

The current cost of stud servicing varies depending on breed used, this includes the cost of the use of the stud of your choice, a copy of their DNA results and a photo for you to use when advertising pups for sale out of that litter.

The cost of the TCI is approximately $660 additional paid directly to VRC as well as the progesterone testing required to determine the most successful day of artificial insemination.

We advise to have the first progesterone testing done at day 7 of heat and a follow up ultrasound conducted at 28 days of pregnancy.

Our available Studs


Parents DNA Tested

Breed:Miniature Poodle






Teddi says:

“I am a playful little guy who loves a good cuddle. My favourite games are tug-o-war and wrestling with my foster siblings. I often get the zoomies, then I snuggle up with a family member or one of my stuffed toys. My foster Mum tells me all the time that I’m a good little boy.”

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Parents DNA Tested

Breed:Border Collie




Colour:Chocolate & White


Garry says:

“I am a real old soul, I am calm and gentle and love to snuggle up on the couch with my humans! I am far from the typical Border Collie, I am happy to run around and play but really I just want to chill out with my humans…”

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Parents DNA Tested

Breed:Standard Poodle






Charlie says:

“I am very chilled out, I am obsessed with cuddles! I am fantastic with children, they can climb all over me and I will not flinch. Show me any kind of attention and I will love you forever!”

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