Sydney Meet-up 09/10/2019

On Wednesday the 9th October, 2019, Kruizen Kennels took a road trip to Sydney to meet up with some of the local Kruizen Kennels families. They met at Blackman’s Park, where the pups could play together in a fenced in doggy playground. This was a few of the pups first ever walk and off-lead experience now that they had received their final vaccinations. They were so excited to run freely around the park with the other Kruizen Kennels pups!

See Poppy and Romeo on the right, out of Jess’ most recent Toy Spoodle litter.

We had a range of breeds attend our catch-up including Spoodle, Labradoodle, Groodle, Spookalier and Toy Poodle puppies. The Spoodles were definitely well represented with 4 of our 9 pups being Spoodle pups! Although we had a range of sized pups attend our get together all played well and our bigger dogs were very mindful and gentle with the smaller pups. Kruizen Kennels are so proud to have had so many families come over to discuss how stunning and well tempered all of our pups were.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to catch up with some of our Sydney families and we are very excited to announce we will be back next month to visit again!

In the photo to the left we have (top row, left to right):

Orphea the F1 Groodle (Mum – Willow, Dad – Jagger)

Fred the Toy Poodle (Mum – Ruby, Dad – Winston)

Barney the Toy Poodle (Mum – Ruby, Dad – Winston)

Honey the Spookalier (Mum – Patches, Dad – Winston)

Archie the F1 Mini Spoodle (Mum – Luna, Dad – Amarni)

(bottom row, left to right)

Poppy the F1 Toy Spoodle (Mum – Jess, Dad – Winston)

Romeo the F1 Toy Spoodle (Mum – Jess, Dad – Winston)

Evie the F1 Toy Spoodle (Mum – Jess, Dad – Winston)

Riley the F1 Labradoodle (Mum – Brandy, Dad – Jagger)