Sydney Beach Meet-Up 10/11/2019

On Sunday the 10th November, 2019, Kruizen Kennels took a road trip to Sydney to meet up with some of the local Kruizen Kennels families. They met at Sirius Cove, a dog reserve on the beach where the pups could play together and take a swim in the bay to cool off. We love meeting our families at the beach as its such a different environment to the dry country and parks in Orange and the dogs have an absolute ball in the water and sand.

See Riley (Labradoodle) and Teddy (Groodle) on the right.

All of the pups were super keen to play and Daisy was so excited for a swim she flew into the ocean at a moments notice! For Evie, Chardie and Poppy it was love at first sight when they touched the ocean and we couldn’t keep them out for longer than a few minutes for our group photo. Teddy and Orphea were a little hesitant as this was their first ever trip to the beach but after a bit of coaxing we got them to wet their paws! Unfortunately, Benson arrived a little late so missed out on our group photos but he definitely made up for it once he arrived, talk about excited to see everyone!

See Poppy (Spoodle) on the left.

All of the pups had an absolute ball running around the beach with their fur friends and we are certain they all slept soundly after!

We had a range of breeds attend our catch-up including Spoodle, Labradoodle and Groodle puppies. The Groodles were definitely well represented with 5 of our 10 pups being F1 and F1b Groodle pups! Although we had a range of sized pups attend our get together all played well and our bigger dogs were very mindful and gentle with the smaller pups.

See Benson (Groodle) on the right.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to catch up with so many of our Sydney families and we are hoping to organise one for Melbourne mid 2020!

Check out some of the photos below to see the days events. Fun was had by all and we are very excited for our next get together!

See Orphea (Groodle) on left.

In the photo to the right we have (left to right):

Romeo the F1 Toy Spoodle (Mum – Jess, Dad – Winston)

Evie the F1 Toy Spoodle (Mum – Jess, Dad – Winston)

Riley the F1 Labradoodle (Mum – Brandy, Dad – Jagger)

Chardy the F1 Groodle (Mum – Dolly, Dad – Jagger)

Poppy the F1 Toy Spoodle (Mum – Jess, Dad – Winston)

Orphea the F1 Groodle (Mum – Willow, Dad – Jagger)

Teddy the F1 Groodle (Mum – Willow, Dad – Jagger)