Sydney Meet-Up 20/01/2018

On Saturday the 20th January, 2018, Kruizen Kennels representatives, Teddy and Stephanie took a road trip to Sydney to meet up with some of the local Kruizen Kennels families. They met at Sirius Cove, a dog reserve on the beach where the pups could play together and take a swim in the bay to cool off. Benson was keen as a bean to get in for a swim and flew into the ocean at a moments notice with Sage close behind! Teddy and Daisy were a little hesitant as this was their first ever trip to the beach but it didn’t take long for them to be water babies! This was also Daisy’s first every off-lead experience and she was so excited to run freely around the beach with Benson, Sage and Teddy!

Teddy got very lucky and was asked to have a sleep over with Sage and I am told their shenanigans continued well into the night! This was obvious on the long drive home where Teddy slept the entire way!

It was fantastic spending a few hours with some of the Kruizen Kennels grown up pups as we were able to get feedback from the families on how we could improve the adoption process and what they found most helpful. Since the meet-up we have now added a puppy pack for all of our new Kruizen Kennels family to help their new little bundle of joy settle in!

We try to get as many nice photos during all of our meet-ups to share with our Kruizen Kennels families  as we can. Check out some of the photos below to see the days events. Fun was had by all and we are very excited for our next get together!

In the photo to the right we have:

Daisy the F1b Groodle (Mum – Sadie, Dad – Charlie)

Benson the F1b Groodle (Mum – Sadie, Dad – Charlie)

Sage the F1 Cavoodle (Mum – Lola, Dad – Winston)

Teddy the F1 Groodle (Mum – Dolly, Dad – Charlie)