Toy Poodles

Kruizen Kennels breed purebred Toy Poodle puppies. Toy Poodles are very small, light and graceful on their feet, athletic and agile.

They have a short curly coat that is non-shedding and hypoallergenic, fantastic for allergy sufferers. Toy Poodles are lively, playful and one of the brightest and most attentive of all breeds. Toy Poodles are easy to train, polite with strangers and sociable with other pets.

Toy Poodles need mental stimulation to live a happy life, be this, challenging games such as hide ‘n’ seek or fetch. A Toy Poodle requires daily exercise and human companionship to thrive in their new home. Toy Poodles are extremely compatible with other small pets and children, although it is important to show young children how to play gently with your new pup.

Poodles do not generally like loud noises so it important to introduce them to common noises such as vacuum’s and mowers from a young age. Toy Poodles thrive on gentle and consistent training methods and as a result excel in obedience trials, flyball and agility. Toy Poodles suit a range of lifestyles and families.

Size and Colouring

A great deal of variability can occur amongst pups of the same breed, variation amongst the litter is influenced by the genetic contribution of each parent. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the exact size a pup will grow to, but they will be a small sized dog weighing up to 5kg and reaching approximately 25-28cm in height.

Toy Poodle colours also vary in each litter, with the possibility of anything from black, white, cream, ruby/red, brown, cafe-au-lit, grey, blue, silver or apricot. Here at Kruizen Kennels we specialize in cream, apricot, ruby, café-au-lit and black Toy Poodles.

Maintenance and other needs

Toy Poodles have a thick, soft, curly coat. They are a non-shedding breed that require a significant amount of grooming. The amount of grooming required is dependent on the type look you want your poodle to have. To keep their curly coats free of knots, Toy Poodles require clipping every 6 week and regular brushing. To prevent their coat from matting, daily brushing is recommended as once the hair matts it is difficult to undo. Poodle ears, as with all floppy eared breeds, need cleaning regularly or they may become infected. They may also occasionally require plucking to prevent excessive hair buildup in the ears. Around their eyes should also be cleaned daily to prevent buildup of eye discharge and tear staining.

Toy Poodles are a small breed of dog that require low amounts of exercise, this can be short, intense activity or loner, mild activity. As Toy Poodles are a very small breed of dog they are suitable for those living in an apartment or with a small yard if they receive daily exercise. Toy Poodles are very intelligent dogs that thrive on training so it is important to continue cognitive stimulation into their lifestyle. This may include weekly obedience training classes, learning new tricks, puzzles, agility training just to name a few.

Toy Poodles are fantastic companions for many different lifestyles but is important to remember that they require regular exercise. It is important not to view Toy Poodles as the stereotypical ‘yappy’ dog as this comes down to parentage, upbringing and training. They are a gorgeous breed of dog very suitable to all types of families, Toy Poodles love attention and are very fast learners.

Our Toy Poodle Parents

Winston and Ruby

Ruby (Retired)

Parents DNA Tested





Ruby (Retired) says:

“I am a pleaser, ask me anything and I will do my best to do it. I am a beautiful little lap dog that just wants to be loved ALL THE TIME. I love to run around and play with my friends, I could play for hours.”

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Winston (Retired)

Parents DNA Tested

Breed:Toy Poodle




Winston (Retired) says:

“Dad says I am mischief on a stick…I will sit on your lap for a cuddle until I figure out what I can get into next.  But I know they can’t stay mad at me when I give them the puppy eyes in the most adorable way possible. I like to run around and play games, I have way too much energy for such a tiny puppy.  I also like a pat and cuddle to break play time up but I don’t sit still for long.”

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