Who are we?

Kruizen Kennels are located in country NSW in Orange, 3 hours from Sydney.

Stephanie manages Kruizen Kennels with the assistance of Angie who assists in the day-to-day running of Kruizen Kennels.

Stephanie not only manages Kruizen Kennels but also assisting families to select the right puppy for their lifestyle.

Stephanie speaks extensively with families regarding their lifestyle and what kind of life they will provide for the puppy to select the perfect pup for each family.

Angie whelps litters and performs regular health checks on the breeding dogs to ensure they are all in the best possible condition. She also assists in the ongoing care of our pups and breeding dogs.

Sales & Customer Service Manager – Stephanie

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“Hi, my name is Stephanie, I have been a part of the Kruizen Kennels team for the past 4 years.

My previous role was to manage our social media accounts, update the website and customer service. However, now I manage all things KK, including the breeding program and staff. Once a pup has been selected, I send regular updates on their growth and progress as well as handy hints to get ready families ready for their new fur babies arrival.

After our puppies leave for their forever homes I also checks in to see how they are settling in and answer any questions that may arise.

My favourite aspect of my job is when I get to spend time with the puppies, I used to have a lot more time hands-on with the dogs and now I cherish every second I spend with them! I love seeing the faces of our new families when they visit and pick up our gorgeous little pups and I know they are going to a fantastic home.”

Whelping Manager – Angie


“Hi, my name is Angie, I grew up in QLD on a property with a variety of animals. My parents bred dogs when I was a child, so I have had experience with whelping from a young age. I have a range of knowledge of the whelping process that I have gained from assisting both old school and new veterinary practices. Having lived in QLD and NSW I have had the privilege of picking up the different techniques and technology used in each state. I absolutely love animals and owned my own mobile animal nursery for a number of years until moving to NSW. My family and I absolutely love our fur babies!

I have now been at Kruizen Kennels for 3 years, monitoring the health of our breeding dogs and whelping our pregnant girls. I monitor our pregnant mothers to ensure they are receiving a nutritious and balanced diet that will allow their unborn babies to develop to their full potential.

I whelp all of our new litters, supporting mum through this exhausting but beautiful event. All new puppies are monitored closely by myself until they are 1-2 weeks of age to ensure all are feeding and developing well. During this time I weigh our pups daily to ensure they are growing at a suitable rate.

My favourite aspect of my job is working with our breeding girls who I have known their entire life, assisting them with the birth and meeting their new babies for the very first time.”